GWrit: The Game of Writing

The Game of Writing is a software application developed since 2013 by a team at the University of Alberta to enable students to peer review drafts of their writing before submitting those drafts for grading. Leading internationally-known scholars in gaming and writing studies combined to create this online learning environment that exists independent of a learning management system (LMS) and is therefore open to students at any educational institution. We are currently in our third year of using the system and are beginning to publish research results based on using the system in over a dozen classes with over 1000 students.

The Game of Writing: A two-page summary
This document gives an overview of the Game of Writing application that we developed.

Peer Review of Writing: Literature Review
This review of the recent academic research published about peer review of student writing makes the case for incorporating peer review into undergraduate writing classrooms.

"Winning the Writing Game"
This is a review of the GWrit system written by Thomas Barker that appeared in Intercom, March 2016.

The 4 minute overview
The Game of Writing
*Note: the GWrit section starts at minute 47. 

Who to contact to learn more
Roger Graves: 

Who leads the research team?
Geoffrey Rockwell,
Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Computing

Roger Graves,
Professor and Director, Writing Across the Curriculum

Heather Graves,
Professor and Director, Writing Studies 

Kamal Ranaweera, Mark McKellar, Melania Ru'aini

Graduate student researchers (Writing Studies)
Daniel Harvey, Shahin Moghaddasi Sarabi, Taylor Scanlon, Megan Farnel 

Graduate student researchers (Humanities Computing)
Ryan Chartier, Aiden In, Shannon Lucky, Atefeh Mohseni, Jinman Zhang, Grady Zielke